Tricks of Instagram to have more followers is that easy

Getting thousands of Instagram followers with whom to sell to brands is really easy if you have enough time and ten euros in your account.

Instagram is not only the only social network in which your ex has forgotten to block you. For many, it is also a millionaire business. With Facebook already somewhat saturated, Twitter unable to generate traffic and Snapchat still very green for brands outside the United States, the social network of lollipops and sushi is a candy for brands seeking to advertise. If instead of old-fashioned ads, someone who is cool (aka an influencer) says he loves your product, even better.

I have seen personalities of the native Instagram ask for figures above 20,000 euros for a couple of photos and a raffle. Others are satisfied that you give them the product they have announced, while the advertising agency on duty cries with laughter and offers in his honor.

So it’s no wonder that your friend who believes that the world needs another brand of sunglasses and your friend who is convinced that being a fashion blogger is the future look at those accounts with a million followers and sigh melancholy. Is it possible to get to that point without cheating? Of course. Do any of the influencers you follow do them? Hmmm … you see … we have to talk.

The zero followers, the funniest moment

If you do not get famous from home, it is very difficult to start an account and start receiving followers in massive amount. Nobody wants to follow an account with 90 followers. In addition, there is an unwritten rule, according to which following more people than you follow automatically makes you a shabby. And of course, an influencer cannot be shabby.

That’s why many start buying fake followers. I find them at one euro 800-1000 followers if I buy few and half of that price without going to be many more. If you search with more love than me, you will find them cheaper. Where to buy them? In any marketplace of freelancers like Fiverr or Upwork on any best¬†website¬†there will be people willing to put their bots at your service. They are erasing the accounts frequently, so you will not find any with 900 positive opinions. Prepare 5 dollars (about four and a half euros) and go on the adventure.

When you have them, I recommend you to do a very funny thing. Enter the profile of some of your fake followers and see who they are following: you will find several famosetes … what things!

You have to leave a thing clear from the beginning. Of course, all this goes against the “Terms and Conditions of use” of Instagram. It’s a gray space, because you do not need someone’s credentials to buy followers. If one day I wake up and I have 10,000 followers more … what fault do I have?

The people of made a tool to check the authenticity of any account. It is not a marvel or an exact science, and after a couple of queries it starts to give you the veneer to buy your product.

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