The Wonders Of Our Technological Progress

If our cavemen ancestors could see how far we have come, they would be pretty impressed. In fact, they would be pretty mesmerized. In the previous century, so many advanced technologies have come out that would leave previous generations in disbelief. Even in the past twenty years, alone, so many technologies have come out and have become widespread that the world has radically changed within the lifetimes of people who are still relatively young. 

Nowadays, children are growing up with smartphones and tablets in their hands—connected to the world in a way that people were not ten to twenty years ago. If you live in Des Moines, you can buy a residential security system service Des Moines IA to protect your home in a way that never existed. Information is more accessible than it has ever been. You don’t have to be in a given place, or be on a phone list or snail-mail list, in order to figure out things. You can just go on the internet and look at listings for things. Finding vendors is not an arduous task; you just types things into search engines and come out with results showing different vendors. There are also results showing forums where people review different vendors, which is helpful when you are trying to figure out whether or not you should do business with a specific vendor. There are pieces of technology that use algorithms to sort things and figure things out. 

Technology has also advanced so much that places with large distances between them are more connected. It is very affordable and easy to ship things overseas, and to keep things in good condition while being shipped. This has resulted int the accessibility of certain materials and items that certain nations specialize in. However, one can say that this is a double edged sword. On one hand, underdeveloped countries have had the opportunity to develop themselves into nations that rival those that are considered “first world.” In places like China, industry sometimes gives poorer people more opportunities to better themselves. In return, cheap goods can be produced, and poor people all over the world can afford higher standards of living. However, on the other hand, the interconnections of the world have led to more people being exploited. For example, many businesses in the United States have moved their operations into poorer countries. In a way, American workers have been exploited because they have been abandoned for the cheaper labor of people in poorer countries. The people in poorer countries are being exploited simply because they are being paid a lot less than what their American counterparts would have made for the same work. The items that come out of these countries seem like affordable bargains, but when an American does not have a proper, living wage job, everything is still expensive—even cheap stuff. A really cheap item from China might seem like a great deal, but when you are a poor American, every little expense sucks a little bit more life out of you.

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