How to do Your Competitor Research and Analysis: Rankraft.

In today’s era, most of the people consider SEO as a tremendous factor to get your website on the top of the roof. SEO’s importance has helped the market to grow the business and service to evolve more effectively. SEO is important to be implemented to get your business on the top of Google’s search engine. If you don’t have any idea of SEO and If you start implementing your own strategies, your website won’t rank. It won’t be visible on the top searches that means your new audience won’t get to know about your service or brand through internet. There are a lot of digital marketing agency services that you can hire or outsource your project to them. Additionally, you also need to focus on campaigns like research and analysis of your competitors. If you want to go ahead of your competitors then you should implement proper seo professional services which can prove effective to get yourself on a new level in the online world.

It not only improves the website rankings but also increases organic traffic. You need to understand the competitors’ methods to make your ranking better by analyzing them. Understand what techniques they have implemented and follow their ways for SEO.

  • Identify keywords

The first step is keyword research which is easy to analyze your competitors.  It helps you to find out what keywords they have implemented. You can use Sfyfu tool to check the keywords position. You, can also check out Keyword Planner tool to get the list of possible keywords related to primary term and their search volumes. Long tail keywords are mostly added for getting the keyword ranked in search engines. Cross check your keywords with the competitors. You can have keywords according to the target audience which can bring out traffic related to your niche.

  • Identify your competitors –

You should find out the list of relevant keywords which you are setting up. It’s your next step to find out the list of your competitors and which techniques they are implementing. Make sure you identify your competitors websites.  You need to identify the sites that rank for that keywords in that niche and you can add them to your list of competitors if you want.

  • Analyzing your competitors

Start analyzing your competitors using metrics like domain authority, domain age, velocity and social sharing, etc. There are some tools which you can go through such as Alexa and link research tool for your website analysis. If you want to go for an eye with your rivals then there is no better way to do it by Reverse SEO.  You need to carry on the competitor analysis. Competitor analysis is helpful in several ways for example to find if your competitor is doing better than you or you are lacking in some kind of work.

  • Backlink research –

You need to check out the quality of the backlinks which is an important ranking aspect. Inbound links are a better way to get your site to help the audience built the trust. The better the quality of the links better will be your site’s ranking. If others sites in your niche are linking to your site, it indicates that your site is relevant and has quality content.  It gives you greater chances of securing top ranks in SERPs.

Rankraft agency provides the best link building service which can help in building backlinks that can help to grow your business. There are various tools which you can use to get information about the backlinks of your competitor. You can use tools like Ahref and monitor backlinks, one of the well-known tools used to analyze the backlinks. Check or research some new opportunities and the possibility to get your presence on a new website.  You can check the backlink report of the competitors.

  • Social Media Profiles –

There is a lot of impact on social media as SEO can be firmly executed but it takes some social media helping hand to reach out in marketing levels. If you go with well-planned
social media marketing services can boost up your business which creates brand awareness and helps in your business also.

Social media allows you to maintain good relations and the social media marketing campaigns are utilized considering the overall aspects. Check your competitor’s presence on social media platforms and also check the offers and discounts they are offering or what type of techniques they are implementing for their business growth.

Rankraft digital agency helps in improving your site rankings and to put you ahead of the competition that leads to increased site visitors and indirectly create more sales and give the output your company is required.


You need to understand what’s working for you and not what are the things your competitor are using. Understand the competitor strategies and marketing ways to get ahead of them generate quality backlinks you can outsource your project to Rankraft Digital marketing services which can put your site in top searches in Google search pages. Based on the competitor analysis report and strategies you can get your website on the top through Rankraft digital marketing agency and help your business grow. If you want to get ahead of the competitors then Rankraft digital agency can help to find you the right competitors and help your company to grow. Competitor analysis is great for getting valuable insights, but it won’t give you a remarkable boost unless you provide the uniqueness and value to the visitors to your site. Make sure you get your digital marketing techniques from a good marketing agency to make your mark in the online market.

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