DJI Tello Quadcopter Drone

Consumer Drones are considered as the new fashion and they are considered as the best investment. They provide you best imagery, pictures and a gaming experience in such a short amount. In the price of a toy drone you will get a drone that has amazing features along with perfect flight time and durability. And as its name suggests DJI will not let your hopes down from this amazing innovation.

DJI is considered as the leading drone manufacturing company that provides the best technology under a very reasonable amount of money. Its new innovation Tello is one of its best creations.

DJI Tello will provide you the fun and facilities that worth every penny you spend on it.

Easiest Flight

Tello drone provide you the facility of the best and easiest flight. They are easiest to fly they have inbuilt property that sense the gravity and any flight hurdle. This quadcopter is safe to fly and it gets picked up quickly. There are many entertaining features that will keep you entertained. By appearance it looks quite like DJI Spark, it is a compact and small in size that makes it more remarkable. It has a lot of properties like DJI Spark not just in looks but also in features and abilities. Following are some properties of DJI Tello that will make you AWW according to its price.

DJI Tello’s Flight Time

Every normal drone will provide you a flight time of just 7 to 8 minutes but because we are talking about DJI Tello so it has to be perfect. DJI Tello will provide the flight time of 13 minutes that makes it more attractive among drone users. Other drones with these flight properties costs much more than DJI Tello.

Camera and Video

DJI Tello is not only perfect for its flight timing but it also has an amazing 5mp rear camera and 720p video that captures around 82 degrees of angle. It also has less blur technology that makes its camera and picture quality more amazing.

Sensory Pressure Altitude Hold

This is the feature that many expensive drones lack. This drone has a pressure sensor that records the altitude and control the flying action to avoid any accident. It allows the beginners to fly this drone without any stress of maintaining proper altitude.

Along with these features following features are also present in this quadcopter

  • One Touch Take Off and Landing
  • Efficient battery
  • DJI Tello Tricks – 8D Flips
  • Bounce Mode. provides you everything that you need to know about this drone.

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