Occupancy Count in the Times of Pandemic

You need to understand that brick-and-mortar analytics is still evolving. You can find a wide array of options that will help you create real-time data that you can use to create a proper marketing strategy.

Since we live in a pandemic world where social distancing became a norm, it is vital to find ways to implement all regulations with ease. The Covid-19 lead to severe issues such as six-foot markers at every grocery store, which affected the number of visitors.

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However, people still need general supplies, so you need to implement ways to count and measure people beforehand.

Therefore, as a retailer, you need to take responsibility for allowing a particular number of customers per square foot, which is an essential consideration for protection.

Even though you can implement a pen-and-paper solution, remember that it features numerous shortcomings, which is why you need to be proactive. This is especially important because some grocers decided to pay a staff member who will check and implement sanitation protocols.

How Have Pandemic Affected Retail Industry?

It means standing at the door, telling people to go in and out based on the number of people inside.

However, a single problem such as the need for break or shift change can lead to a problematic and inaccurate situation, especially since customers will feel dissatisfied because they will feel like they are waiting for eternity.

That is why the people counting technology is essential and became necessary in the times of coronavirus.

Since the outbreak happened, the retail landscape completely changed, and it will stay that way, according to most experts. Numerous steps that retailers took to prevent spreading the disease and comply with current regulations created new opportunities.

At the very beginning, they started placing markings and barriers to prevent people from being too close together. However, since the last situation was insufficient, they started to implement long-term issues, including technology such as people counters.

That was the main reason why numerous software developers and analytics decided to create various technological advancements made explicitly for food retailers in the age of Covid-19.

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The idea is to employ a sensor that uses infrared light, which will determine the number of people leaving and entering the store, which is important for maintaining the count.

The best thing about it is by installing it with ease and using the system and software that comes with it. You can easily connect with it by using a mobile device or PC through browsers, making it practical for everyday use.

Benefits of People Counting in Retail

Most retailers have implemented the latest technological advancements in people counters to comply with government regulations, including social distancing. However, you can use data for other things as well.

According to research, at least sixty percent of consumers feel threatened when the go-to convenience store, while the same percentage is not taking safety measures properly, such as wearing masks and social distancing.

1.   Boost Shopping Experience

Implementing sensors that count people will allow you to learn data about other factors within your retail store, including dwell time, which areas are most and least popular.

That way, you can determine a consumer’s journey to optimize customer interaction and experience, which will help you drive more profit than before.

Remember that checkouts are also crucial for the comprehensive customer journey, which is why you should find ways to capture data by using counting sensors.

At the same time, you can implement a queue management system that will allow you to reduce the chances of waiting in line, which is the shortcut to dissatisfaction.

2.   Boost Operations

You can quickly identify various patterns so that you can deal with your personnel and staffing expenses. By reading the analytics, you will determine whether you have a lack of employees or more than you need.

Therefore, you can determine the periods with fewer customers and employ fewer people to work for you during that time. Besides, you can call more employees to help you during busy times.

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3.   Analysis of Store Performance

The data you will get from counting people will allow you to create profitable strategies and promotional campaigns that will boost brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

Besides, you can determine the value of each customer by comparing performances from different days and weeks.

That way, you can determine the lowest and highest conversion ratio, which will help you create a different perspective for future discounts and campaigns that will bring more people to your store.

4.   Reduced Real Estate Expenses

Since the companies are starting to work remotely due to pandemic, you should know that the real estate prices will go down. That way, you can rest assured and make sure that you utilize the best possible situation for your particular business.

You should read this article: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/03/upshot/home-prices-explaining-frenzy.html to learn the effects of Covid-19 on real estate.

Counting technology will give you a chance to create a reliable assessment so that you can determine whether you should reduce or increase your space depending on the number of people and social distancing regulations you need to comply with.

You can use the data you collected to determine the amount of space your customers use so that you can reduce the expenses, among other things.

That will help you improve your prospects and invest in marketing more than you did before.

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