SEO Content and Its Types

Many digital marketing strategies are used by business nowadays. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the marketing tool widely preferred. SEO is the method of optimizing a website using some factors like keywords, contents, etc so that people can find the site easily via search engines like Google. A high-quality content which is created with the objective of attracting search engine traffic is called SEO content. You can contact SEO companies to rank in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). If you are searching for SEO strategist in Perth, you can contact seo perth company. Some of the important points to SEO your web content are given described and the types of content in this article.

Keyword Research: Traffic for the website can be created through search. In such cases, you have to do the keyword search before start writing the content. You can write contents for topics based on the information people search in Google.

Keyword Optimization: If you know how to use the keywords properly in the content, it can maximize the search ability.

Content Optimization: If the content is organized in a logical way, it will help the visitors to find the related content easily and it also creates traffic for the website.

Content Promotion: Social media can be used to promote content. In social media, the content can be shared and building backlinks (both internally and from external sites) to your content can also help in SEO.

Types of SEO Content

SEO content         may include any of the following points:

Product Pages

Product pages are the best option for any retail e-commerce site. A product page not only serves as SEO content but also used for Pay Per Click (PPC) landing page.

Blog Posts

Blog posts can be published in many blogging sites and it attracts links than product pages. You can be a guest blogger and post the content about your business on other blog websites.


Online users always search for articles before selecting a particular product or service. Articles help them to find some useful information about what they are looking for. A good quality article will attract a number of readers to the site.


The lists are a type of article which seems to be more clickable by online users when found in search results or in social media. For example, framing the article as a list (such as “10 Best Ways to Reduce Weight Naturally” or “20 Best Places to Visit in Australia”) is clicked more in many search engines and social media.


Instead of using pages of text, a video can help the website to rank on the website. Videos can attract more audience because it helps them to get an idea about the products. Video tutorials about how to use products or explanation about the process that is related to your business can be viewed many times by the audience.


A picture can speak more than a text. In a slideshow, a series of related images about the product can be used. For example, images are important for products like doors. The viewers can select the door based on the image which depicts the style and design.

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