Why Choose Custom website over PRE MADE TEMPLATE?

A decade ago it was hard to make a website, but now it is far easier for the developer to make a website and to get connected with the world. Many platforms have made it easy to develop the websites on your own instead of using the template design website you can develop your own custom website and make it a responsive website template to grow your website traffic.

However, being an owner of a business one should have to think about whether to make his own custom website or to go with the pre-made template design website.

In my opinion, one should be making his own personal custom made website instead of choosing a pre-made template design website. Custom made website is somewhat more beneficial to an owner than the template design. So one should go for the beneficial one despite opting for something that can make business trouble later on.

Custom over PRE MADE TEMPLATE:- 

As both are concerned both have their own pros and cons. However, the more preferred among both is a custom website rather than a pre-made template.

Investment Return:-

  • Custom web development will provide you with a high return on the invested money you put in for the website. Definitely, you are making a website for earning, so one should opt for the website which gives more benefits. The pre-made template website will give less payback on the investment. As earning more is the concern, so one should be choosing the custom-designed web for the start if business.

The mindset of visitor:-

  • Custom build website is developed by keeping a mindset of a visitor, that for what he wants to see on the website, or what he is looking for. Therefore, a website that is totally based upon care for visitors will definitely provide more benefits as compared to the template design.


  • Making your website appealing and effective . Aesthetic plays an important role in it. The custom made website if developed in the good sense attractive to the mind and eyes of the user will give a fair response from the user and make him more engaged with the website and bounds him to stay longer, which will give you the benefit of longer stay of the visitor on your website. While the pre-made template may not be effective as much as the custom made website.


  • To fulfill the user expectation while visiting the website, the custom website must be having the responsive website template which will give more advantages to the owner to grow effectively his business. This is the thing that lacks in the pre-made template.

Enjoyable Experience:-

  • Custom built website is the one which gives a more enjoyable experience to the visitor than a pre-made template designed website.

Well Designed:-

  • Custom made website is designed more effectively which gives an overhead against the template.

User Friendly:-

  • Custom website is more personalized and more user friendly than the demand of today’s visitors. No one wants him to get entangled and disturb by the robots on the website, they require more personalized solutions. This personalized solution bounds the person to visit again and again also making them stay longer on the website.

Search engine Ranking:-

  • The major reason for the preference of the custom website is that it makes it easy to gain better search engine ranking. The competition of being more visible on the internet is what makes one use the custom made website rather than a pre-made template.

Mobile Friendliness:-

  • Mobile-friendliness is the major feature of the custom made templatemonster.com, nowadays everyone having access to the internet by their mobile phones so the custom-built website is more friendly for mobile users which makes them visit your website more easily.

Life Span:-

  • Longer life span is also one of the major aspects of having custom over PRE MADE TEMPLATE.


  • Uniqueness of the website is what makes it more appealing to the visitors than the pre-made.


  • Easy to customize than the pre-made.

Along with all these benefits, one should not forget that everything has some drawback which you must handle


  • Custom web development is a bit expensive, time-taking, it requires research and planning to be made perfectly. While the pre-made is simple and cheap.


The custom build website with a responsive website template gives you overhead over the pre-made. So one should opt for the custom-built rather than going for the website which is pre-made for making his business count.

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