California king Core Engineering of MFI certification with the U. Azines.

King Central Technology inside Taiwan (Better China basic agent : Trading Corp., Ltd. regarding Dongguan Metropolis, the fresh concept), the core that could be the general director of Third & N background inside Peng Damin, its purchase in Wireless coding time greater than seven decades, he said one of the most difficult how a product can easily integrate the usage of support for the different cars on earth, in inclusion to complex threshold, enough time the databases accumulated development is the firm’s competitive edge.

The Pengda Minute stressed in which King Central has a number of patents, since the particular founding with the company is definitely committed for the development regarding new technologies also to invest significant human and money. King Central Technology’s efforts paid the firm’s innovative goods, “multi-purpose car integration solutions are already approved from the U. Azines. Apple official, can be along with APP system makes staffing any machine cell phone, through the particular transmission with the decoder directly into 100% the particular black box with the driving data, this requirement to totally comply with all the U. Azines. accidents view Commission finds components of the accident to ascertain needs, King Central Technology inside Taiwan (Better China basic agent – the newest concept regarding Dongguan Metropolis Trading Corp., Ltd. )#) will be optimistic in regards to the need with the consumer market with all the introduction with the Andorid method of one more phone, I am hoping to gratify all buyers, large-scale capture of your smart cell phone ethnic teams.

The Pengda Minute stressed that in the act of study and advancement, consumer demand-oriented consider King Central Technology inside Taiwan (Better China basic agent – the newest concept regarding Dongguan Metropolis Trading Corp., Ltd. )#) As an example, in 2011, generic models of innovation and also design merit 4C head-up exhibit, its characteristics is the opportunity to meet greater than 600 designs models, integration regarding automotive information inside the App program, etc., as well as the lives regarding motorists take into account R & N related goods. Research and also development viewpoint, from imaginative thoughts, the particular patent building thereby the particular commercialization, can be a fairly long period of the hard path, but furthermore more support from your depot for the validation means of development and also real vehicle You can find strong smooth power.

Another happy product was created to integrate the item of the particular tire diagnosis system to aid major brand names, the endeavours of recent years with accomplishment. The mainstream with the tire strain monitoring system can be a direct exhaust pressure overseeing system, the main element to supply a stable, accurate info transmission and suggestions to really play good results, to make certain the safety with the driver. The business has produced the exhaust pressure sensor with all the car peripheral goods functional holding, such since head-up exhibit, GPS, and also anti-theft, plus a multi-functional built-in product, mercedes benz digital video disc player exhaust appearance with the King Central Technology sensor is known for the world’s many lightweight precise set of products, simply 8. 5 grms, not load will not need to do the energy balance. Peng Damin described 2009 instances, and Central Technology wifi tire strain sensor, multi-function safety to discover head-up exhibit products, high quality, trusted simply by consumers, for a few consecutive years with a high specs communications bidder Taipei Fast Transit Firm Maokong Gondola while using the tire strain detection system, be the initial used inside high-altitude cable tv car practically 1000 twos a airport terminal console regarding monitoring, with regards to depot efficiency Ford and also Mazda, Subaru automobile project.

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