iPad Sign in App by iLobby Has Multiple Benefits for Businesses

Visitor management software is one of the best facilities that businesses are enjoying these days. But there are still such businessmen who are not taking advantage of this amazing software. They are still making use of manual visitor entry procedure. Guests’ books or name tags are becoming obsolete now. Making use of these manual entry systems is not only time consuming but they cannot be maintained accurately. To get maximum protection from unwanted visitors and to avoid entry delays, only iPad Sign in App by iLobby can provide you peace of mind.

In case you are thinking about the benefits your business can avail by investing in iPad Sign in App by iLobby, then just have a look at the following points.

  1. Easy to keep the employee safety in place:

It is very important that you keep your business facilities and employees safe. This point has to be at top priority. This is the reason why this software is used. It helps in identifying the visitors in time and can see if there is any unwanted visitor trying to enter the business vicinity or not. This software takes visitors’ photos which are later logged in directly to the system for the purpose of making investigations. The visitors are asked to print their badges automatically before entering the office. They will be indicating the reason of coming to the office and will also indicate the floor they will be visiting. In this way everyone will stay alert on knowing whosoever is visiting the office and what the reason of their visit is.

  1. Accurate record keeping:

The data entry of visitors will become more accurate, correct and uniform. This entry system is far better than manual data entry in guests log book. The data entry of each visitor coming in will be registered, entered and scanned automatically.

  1. Reporting:

This app allows the system to store the information of visitors and guests in database. This helps the employees in sorting, analyzing, retrieving the information about guests anytime it is required. Moreover, generating the activity reports also becomes easy. With the help of these reports it becomes possible  to check the number of times any visitor  signed in and signed out of the building and the person whom there came to meet too. All such type of information and details can only be recorded and reported if there is iPad Sign in App by iLobby software in place. This kind of reporting can be used during investigations and to make audit reports as well.

  1. Easy recognition of repeat customers:

The information of visitors is saved n this visitor management software. This helps in saving a lot of time in case the same visitors or guests revisit the office or your business vicinity. And in case the same visitor created some nuisance in the past and is wishing to come again then the security department will get notified about it.

In short, shifting your visitor record keeping to automated visitor management system can really help your business several ways.

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